"One of the Komaki Ultimate Three techniques."

Komaki Tiger Drop or shorten as "Tiger Drop" is one of the 3 Ultimate Komaki Techniques.

Description Edit

Right before an enemy attacks, Press Triangle while locked on to an enemy. Kiryu glows blue and does a really fast punch to the gut, Interrupting the attack and sending the enemy flying.

The attack requires strict timing, the technique is much easier on attacks with slow attacks with slow start. Fast attacks will require a Sidestep back for frame advantage or reacting to when an enemy comes close for an attack.

In Yakuza 5 The technique became easier to use once you've learned Komaki MAX Tiger Drop from Sousuke after returning to Kamurocho in Chapter Finale.

The Attack Does Massive amounts of Damage, Dealing about half or a quarter amount damage to bosses depending on their defense, and potentially one hit killing Thugs, Hosts, Yakuza etc.

Some bosses aren't affected by the knockback of the technique. This affects them if they can only be grounded by Grabs, or once they are in Heat mode.

The move itself has Invincibility frames on startup, and can damage enemies with attacks that have Invincibility Frames.

Users Edit

  • Kiryu Kazuma: He learns this move from training with Sousuke in Yakuza 5. In Yakuza 4, the move must be unlocked through skill points.
  • Sousuke Komaki: Sousuke teaches the move in the 4th part of training. He also utilizes the move in training as well.
  • Saejima Taiga: While it's not Part of the Komaki Style, He has his own Version called "Tiger Dragon Drop" It has the same invincibilty frames and damage as Komaki Tiger Drop, but instead stuns enemies and attacks with a Headbutt.
  • Jo Amon: He copies the move both in Yakuza 5 and Yakuza 0.
  • Shun Akiyama: Just like Saejima, He has his own version of the Tiger Drop known as "Counter Kick" it has all the properties of Komaki Tiger Drop. He attack with a low kick to the gut.

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