"One of the Komaki Ultimate Three Techniques"

Komaki Knockback is one of the three Komaki Counter Techniques used by Kiryu and Saejima with his own version.

Description Edit

Press Triangle while blocking from enemy attacks. Kiryu will raise his fist, parrying the enemy and stopping their combo.

Enemies will flinch from the Knockback and recieve a pint of damage, interrupting their combo. This Technique is useful for stopping attacks and following up with your own. After the knockback, you can choose to either sidestep to space yourself, or you can try to follow up with an attack of your own.

Sometime enemy attacks will have either invincibility frames or super armor, so use of this technique is worthless.

Some enemies even have their own version of their own knockback, such as Daigo, who can interupt combos by stepping back and performing a haymaker which cannot be interrupted, or Kanai, where he has a stun property to his knockback.

Users Edit

  • Kiryu Kazuma
  • Sousuke Komaki
  • Sotaro Komaki
  • Jo Amon
  • Saejima Taiga

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