A cold-hearted Yakuza who is member of Nishikiyama Family.

He is feared even by member of Nishiyama Family for his insane behavior that even men in his family keeps distance from him.

Yakuza Edit

He was the man who killed Reina and Tanaka Shinji, after failed attempt by Reina to kill Akira Nishikiyama.

Yakuza 3 Edit

For failing to stop Kiryu Kazuma, he was permanently banned from Nishikiya Family (zetsu-ren). Furthermore, Tojo Clan also banned him permanently from joining any family that is part of Tojo clan for killing Reina.

He forms the Yakuza assassin group the "Avengers", made up of disowned Yakuza, with his ultimate goal to take his revenge on Kiryu and kill him. He fails and disbands the Avengers, but swears to have one final showdown with Kiryu in the future

Yakuza Dead Souls Edit

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

Fighting Style Edit

He is a gun fanatic, usually carries 2 hand-guns which he uses to attack. He is also very skilled in close combat using his acrobatic skills to create space between him and his opponent by giving his advantage position for him to use his guns.

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