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Kiryu profileimg
JP Name 桐生一馬
Romaji Kazuma Kiryū
Gender Male
D.O.B 17th June 1968[1]
Height/Weight 184cm / 88kg[1]
Blood Type O[1]
Affiliation Tōjō Clan
Voice Actors
Japanese Takaya Kuroda
English Darryl Kurrylo

Kazuma Kiryū(桐生一馬) is the main protagonist in the series.

  • Voiced by: Takaya Kuroda (Japanese), (English)


Kiryu's first design(version 1) from the first game lasted till Yakuza 2 and subsequently changed after that. From Yakuza Kenzan onwards, since the game's main characters had their faces modeled in 3D after their voice actors, Kiryu was modeled after Kuroda Takaya.

Kiryu y5 profileimg
His hair length in Yakuza 3 and thereafter was slightly longer but still retained the pulled-back look. He still wears the familiar light-grey blazer and pants with an inner maroon shirt. However in Yakuza 5, there are other additions to his wardrobe. One of them particularly different from his usual attire is a light-grey jacket with double-breasted pockets and a zip collar, pulled over a dark-grey vest and a white shirt. A pants of matching dark-grey completes the attire.

In the Yakuza Kenzan spin-off, due to the difference in settings, Kiryu takes on a medieval look and name as well, befitting the era of the Edo Period, as Kiryu Kazuma's ancestor -- Kazumanosuke Kiryu / Miyamoto Musashi!

In the Yakuza Ishin spin-off, Kiryu's physical traits and character is brought over as Sakamoto Ryoma / Saito Hajime.


Born in June 17, 1968 (blood type O), Kiryū lost his parents at a young age and was raised in the Sunflower Orphanage where he met Nishiki Akira, who became his best friend, the latter's sister Yuko and Yumi Sawamura. Kazama became a father figure for Kiryū and raised him like his own; fostering close ties. When Kiryū graduated from junior high school, with Kazama's support and guidance, he and Nishiki were introduced into the Dojima Family, Tojo Clan's most powerful subsidiary. Time flows to 1995, and now 27 years old, Kiryū had everything going well for him and rose the hierarchy, earning the nickname "the Dragon of the Dojima Family" (堂島の龍 doujima no ryu) due to the dragon tattoo he has on his back. He had planned on starting his own subsidiary group until an event changed his life, where he took the blame for the murder of the Dojima Boss, Sohei Dojima, to protect his best friend, and was imprisoned for ten years. Before his release, he received a letter from Kazama which prompted him to return to the city.


Yakuza 0Edit

20 years old, he is a working as member of Dojima family as debt collector. One day he was summoned by 3 of his superiors into Dojima family office with very short notice, being informed that Kiryu murdered one of man who he collected money recently which was news to him. To reclaim his honor with clan, he has given special task to complete. During this time, Kazama Shintaro, 2nd in command for Dojima Family is in prison for unrelated incident. The Boss Dojima Souhei promised these 3 superiors that anyone who can complete this special task will be awarded Kazama's post.


27 years old, Kiryu is just completed his final job as member of Dojima Clan collecting money from Peace Finance Company. In several days, he is to be promoted to have his own small clan, Kiryu Clan which will be working as small division of Kazama Clan. To celebrate his promotion, Nishikiyama Akira, Sawamura Yumi, and bar hostess Reina decided to party at bar Selena.

However, following morning Kiryu was informed Yumi has been kidnapped by Boss Dojima. By the time Kiryu arrived at scene, Nishikiyama was already at scene, murdered Boss Dojima and Yumi who was in deep shock. Knowing Nishiyama's younger sister was in hospital bed with, Kiryu volunteered to go to prison for Nishikiyama, while letting the other two escape.

10 years as passed, now 37 years old and after his release in December 2005, Kiryū returned to Kamurocho for answers and was told to search for Yumi. However, what was waiting for him was unfriendly welcome by Nishikiyama. On top of that, the Tojo clan was also in disarray for losing 100,0000,0000 yen stolen from Safe and 3rd Chair-Man of Tojo Clan Boss Masa Sera was also murdered.

Kiryu gets caught up middle incident during funeral of Boss Sera, accused for attempted murder of Boss Kazama Shintaro. While on the run, a mysterious 9 year old girl named Haruka appears before him during a wake of an incident and came to rely on him for who was also searching her mother, who was also being targeted by Tojo Clan for unknown reason.

However, there was glimmer of light of welcome for Kiryu. Date Makato, Inspector from Division 4 Kamuro-Police Department has agree to work together with Kiryu in exchange of truth behind incident of 10 years ago.

The odd team of former Yakuza, dishonored inspector, and 9 year old girl searches for what is behind all of this incident takes place in middle of Kamurocho.

Yakuza 2Edit

It has been 1 year since, Kiryu became 4th Chairman of Tojo clan, resigned from Tojo Clan on same day, and decided to say farewell to his Yakuza-life to live in peace with Haruka.

Now, 38 years old, when the fifth Chairman of the Tojo Clan, Yukio Terada, is assassinated in December 15, 2006, Kazuma Kiryū wants Sohei Dojima's son Daigo to take the clan's leadership and prevent an upcoming yakuza families war between Tojo Clan (Tokyo Region) and Omi Clan (Osaka Region) which was Terada's wish.

But the young man called Daigo Dojima does not want such a responsibility. Kiryu convinces Daigo to travel to Osaka, Sotenburi in Kansai Japan. Here he encounters new enemy called Boss Ryuji Gouda, also known as Dragon of Kansai who is none other than son of 5th Chairman of Omi Clan, Jin Gouda.

5th Chairman of Omi Clan also wants avoid unnecessary bloodshed with war and makes preparation for peace treaty. However, Ryuji does not wish peace and neither does majority of member of Omi clan, and decides to interrupt the treaty.

During the riot, Sayama Kaoru, Division 4 Female Inspector from Osaka Police Department, known as "Yakuza Huntress" who has been assigned to watch/protect Kiryu from escalating incidence get caught up in incidence.

The former Yakuza and Female Inspector are now working together to prevent the war between 2 of the biggest yakuza clan, as well as mysterious Shadow group who seems to be working behind the scenes for some other motivation.

Yakuza 3Edit

40 years old. Former Tojo Clan chairman. Legendary Yakuza known as Dragon of Dojima for dragon tattoo on his back. Kiryu and Haruka moved to Okinawa after feud with Omi Alliance and runs orphanage called Asagao by the beautiful beach.

While their lives were at peace, in just matter of few month their orphanage received eviction notice from local Yakuza clan, Ryu-do-Ikka who owns their land. Kiryu has decided to personally confront the local Yakuza on his own to understand meaning of eviction. Despite the local Yakuza's threat, Kiryu's strength was superior even to their strongest Rikiya Shimabururo on streets of Okinawa. In addition, Kiryu has even won he verbal charismatic battle with Boss Nakahara of Ryu-do-Ikka to demand to leave the land alone.

Several days later, Rikiya arrives to Asagao orphanage for request. Rikiya informs his boss Nakahara's adapted daughter Saki has been kidnapped by her biological mother who could be tied to their rival clan, Tamashiro-clan. Rikiya begged for Kiryu's assistance to calm his boss Nakahara down and some how defuse this situation.

After talking with Nakahara who was drunk and filled with sorrow, understanding the situation Kiryu raided into Tamashiro headquarter on his own defeating every member of Tamashiro clan and rescued Saki.

When Kiryu has returned to headquarter of Ryu-do-Ikka after the rescue, Dojima Daigo who is now 6th Chairman of Tojo Clan walks into Ryu-do-Ikka and which surprises both Kiryu and Nakahara. Daigo did acknowledge that it was Tojo-clan's job to research land and productivity of Okinawa for sake of military base expansion and hotel/resort expansion. For this job, Tojo clan did hired local Go-Ji-Dan-Tai (basically temporary group that is not directly connected to Tojo-clan, but just to do a small job) however, he was informed that their method was very severe and he has personally traveled to Okinawa to put stop to it including Ryu-do-Ikka and Tamashiro clan.

Daigo and Nakahara who finally came to his true senses agreed that he will not touch Kiryu's orphanage land for time being, and the peaceful life to Asagao returned.

But 6 month later another incident takes place

1) Nakahara was shot by a man who resembles Kiryu's mentor Kazama Shintaro and deed to land was also stolen from Ryu-do-Ikka's office.

2) In Tokyo, Dojima Daigo was shot by man who also resembles Kazama Shintaro according to Kashiwagi who requested his presence back in Kamuro-cho.

How could dead man Kazama Shintaro exist in 2 places, Tokyo and Okinawa almost same time? Where did the deed to the land go? Who is behind all of this incident who is pulling this trick? Is this someone from Tojo clan who is trying to start the process of military base and resort expansion again?

Yakuza 4Edit

In Yakuza 4 Kiryū is still running the sunshine orphanage. During the events of the game he feels guilty for the weakening of the Tojo clan and realizes the events of Yakuza 2-4 were partiallly his fault because he chose to run away from his role (and fate) as the fourth chairman. In the finale he fights Dojima for the control of the tojo clan and in the ending he welcomes Saejima (and his newly created family) and they walk into tojo headquarters together. He's still taking care of Haruka but it is unknown what becomes of the other children at the orphanage.

Yakuza 5Edit

43 years old. He has resigned from the orphanage job and now he lives in Fukuoka on his own without Haruka, as a Taxi Driver. He changed his name to Suzuki Taichi, and he is living with a girl named Mayumi, despite the fact that he is not in a romantic relationship with her. While the 6th Chairman of the Tojo Clan, Dojima Daigo who now manages over 30,000 men has agreed to sign a treaty with a very small clan in Fukuoka which carries only 500 men. Daigo paysa very brief visit to Kiryu while he is on his job and he fades away. Where has Daigo gone? Kiryu decided to reveal his identify and searches for his friend.


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