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Kiryu profileimg
JP Name 桐生一馬
Romaji Kazuma Kiryū
Gender Male
D.O.B 17th June 1968[1]
Height/Weight 184cm / 88kg[1]
Blood Type O[1]
Affiliation Tōjō Clan
Voice Actors
Japanese Takaya Kuroda
English Darryl Kurrylo

Kazuma Kiryū(桐生一馬) is the main protagonist in the series.

  • Voiced by: Takaya Kuroda (Japanese), (English)


Kiryu's first design(version 1) from the first game lasted till Yakuza 2 and subsequently changed after that. From Yakuza Kenzan onwards, since the game's main characters had their faces modeled in 3D after their voice actors, Kiryu was modeled after Kuroda Takaya.

Kiryu y5 profileimg
His hair length in Yakuza 3 and thereafter was slightly longer but still retained the pulled-back look. He still wears the familiar light-grey blazer and pants with an inner maroon shirt. However in Yakuza 5, there are other additions to his wardrobe. One of them particularly different from his usual attire is a light-grey jacket with double-breasted pockets and a zip collar, pulled over a dark-grey vest and a white shirt. A pants of matching dark-grey completes the attire.

In the Yakuza Kenzan spin-off, due to the difference in settings, Kiryu takes on a medieval look and name as well, befitting the era of the Edo Period, as Kiryu Kazuma's ancestor -- Kazumanosuke Kiryu / Miyamoto Musashi!

In the Yakuza Ishin spin-off, Kiryu's physical traits and character is brought over as Sakamoto Ryoma / Saito Hajime.


Born in June 17, 1968 (blood type O), Kiryū lost his parents at a young age and was raised in the Sunflower Orphanage where he met Nishiki Akira, who became his best friend, the latter's sister Yuko and Yumi Sawamura. Kazama became a father figure for Kiryū and raised him like his own; fostering close ties. When Kiryū graduated from junior high school, with Kazama's support and guidance, he and Nishiki were introduced into the Dojima Family, Tojo Clan's most powerful subsidiary. Time flows to 1995, and now 27 years old, Kiryū had everything going well for him and rose the hierarchy, earning the nickname "the Dragon of the Dojima Family" (堂島の龍 doujima no ryu) due to the dragon tattoo he has on his back. He had planned on starting his own subsidiary group until an event changed his life, where he took the blame for the murder of the Dojima Boss, Sohei Dojima, to protect his best friend, and was imprisoned for ten years. Before his release, he received a letter from Kazama which prompted him to return to the city.



Now 37 years old and after his release in December 2005, Kiryū returned to his home town Kamurocho for answers and was told to search for Yumi but due to his patricide, he is marked for death by the entire yakuza community. A mysterious young girl appears before him during a wake of an incident and came to rely on him. His fighting style uses a mixture of street fighting, pro wrestling, and judo/jujutsu.

Yakuza 2Edit

38 years old. (Yakuza 2) When the fifth Chairman of the Tojo Clan, Yukio Terada, is assassinated in December 15, 2006, Kazuma Kiryū wants Sohei Dojima's son Daigo to take the clan's leadership and prevent an upcoming yakuza families war. But the young man called Daigo Dojima does not want such a responsibility. Here he encounters old and new characters and lead him to Osaka and faces new foes.

Yakuza 3Edit

40 years old. Former Tojo Clan chairman. Legendary Yakuza known as Dragon of Dojima for dragon tattoo on his back. Moved to Okinawa with Haruka at end of feud with Omi Alliance. Now runs Sunshine orphanage.

Yakuza 4Edit

In Yakuza 4 Kiryū is still running the sunshine orphanage. During the events of the game he feels guilty for the weakening of the Tojo clan and realizes the events of Yakuza 2-4 were partiallly his fault because he chose to run away from his role (and fate) as the fourth chairman. In the finale he fights Dojima for the control of the tojo clan and in the ending he welcomes Saejima (and his newly created family) and they walk into tojo headquarters together. He's still taking care of Haruka but it is unknown what becomes of the other children at the orphanage.


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