25-year-old Sayama is a lead detective of the Osakan police. Sayama's work within Division 4 earned her the nickname "the Yakuza Eater".

History Edit

She originally studied programming at college as a way of getting into the police force (as part of their hi-tech crimes division), but requested a transfer as soon as she was established and rose through the ranks quickly, promoted to division lieutenant after only four years in the police.

Yakuza 2 Edit

She is initially ordered to take Kiryu into protective custody, during which she can follow the Tojo Clan's activities.

During this time she begins to fall for Kiryu. She believes she may be a Jingweon survivor, but eventually discovers she is really the child of the Jingweon boss's wife and Jiro Kawara, also making her Ryuji's half-sister.

Kaoru Sayama

Yakuza 3 Edit

Kaoru,Kiryu and Haruka

At the start of the third game, Kaoru Sayama meets Kiryu at the graveyard and tells him that she's leaving Japan to receive training in the United States. While she plays no further role in the game, completing special tasks will prompt a text message from Sayama to come through on Kiryu's phone.

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