"Maybe you'd better quitting off."

Kan Ogita

He is a former of Haruka's dance instructor who get expelled by Park after yelling at her.

Yakuza 0 Edit

As Kiryu made himself known as a formidable dancer, he learned of an extremely skilled Osakan dancer after beating Maiko in a dance battle. This was soon revealed to be Ogita, as he visits Kamurocho's Maharaja club and out-dances everyone else. Kiryu chooses to avenge them by challenging and beating him at his own game. After his defeat, Ogita returns to Osaka and hopes to become a dance coach.

Yakuza 5 Edit

During practice, Ogita is running a little analysis of Haruka's Dance Lesson while clapping to the music, afterwards he turns off the music and tells her that she is not moving with the rhythm, he then encourages her to try and quit, Haruka refuses and does her redo and this time actually tries it, Ogita then stops and gives her a five minute break.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

Fighting Style Edit

He uses Caporia usesing swift techniques to punish the player for their mistakes, He also uses the knife in his fighting.

Gameplay Edit

In game, Ogita is always waiting for the player to start their attack, if they attempt to attack Ogita, Ogita will sidestep and will always follow up with a Command grab with his legs. Ogita sometimes go for tripping the player. He is rarely seen doing combos with his knife. He does a dance known a the flare used as a "get off me move" if he is ever pressured. he has super armor in his attacks and in his command grab as well.

Weakness: Edit

Ogita will always try to get you to fall into his attack and will always do his command grab on you, his only weakness is well timed sidesteps usually with. he does a sidestep before he does his command grab, the sidestep is your chance to sidestep from his grab and counter (if possible). you can try to use a tiger drop related move, but that move is much more risky.

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