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"Fucking Parasite!"

A detective of the criminal investigation division, and a 30-year veteran who appears in the fourth game.

History Edit

He hates yakuza. 25 years before, he had been investigating the shooting of Yoshiharu Ueno, submitting a false report to Munakata, then the director of the criminal investigations department, implicating Saejima as the perpetrator.

Yakuza 4 Edit

During the events of the game, after being cornered by Sudo and subsequently defeated by Tanmiura following a speedboat chase, he admits that it was he who killed Tanimura's father. He also revealed that he himself had been a member of the Ueno family with Katsuragi, and not a police officer. He is then shot by an unknown man and dies in Tanimura's arms.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

He is a very Busy and Strict man. He is always getting everyone to do their job, and do it right. Such as Him finding out about Tanimuras Gambling addiction. When he's on his job, he is always on it. Such as the time where he found out about Akiyama at the murder scene, and finding evidence.

Fighting Style Edit

Sugiuchi has a really aggressive fighting style. His combos consist of sometimes ending it with a feint punch or kick usually giving you a chance to dodge his attack, the last attack can break guard as well as break Tanimura's parry. his dodge shot can instantly stun, giving him a chance to attack. He has the tendency to grab the player after then stun. He instantly counters grabs from the front, but not in the back. In heat mode, he will always dodge the player. Sugiuchi will always counter a grab from both the front and the back during heat mode. When grab, Sugiuchi takes longer to escape his grab, this will give him the advantage to activate a Heat attack which makes him do a sumo grab, inflicting about a quarter half of health. This is inescapable. He can also do a heat attack if the player is on the ground. This one however can be avoid by pressing one of the face buttons. his heat mode ends if you or Sugiuchi uses their Heat attacks.

His weakness is usually using tanimura's parry against wall to combo on, if you manage to end the combo, you can possibly chain tanimura's Essence of combo. When he is in heat mode, you must save up your heat gauge. This is important for when he grabs you, you can use essence of counter. or you can try to stop his heat mode by using your essence attacks.

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