Voiced By: Katsuyuki Konishi

Despite his seemingly flippant attitude, Oda is a man with no fear, even in the face of the yakuza. Using ample funds and a network of information, he is one of few men who can acquire property with the effectiveness of the yakuza. Acting as Tetsu Tachibana's right hand man, Oda is in charge of on-site land acquisition.

History Edit

Two years before the events of Yakuza 0, Oda was a member of a Chinese mafia in Sotenbori who sold Makoto Makimura to a Korean syndicate. Later on, he learned that Makoto is Tetsu Tachibana's sister, after watching a documentary with Tachibana.

Yakuza 0 Edit

Appearance Edit

He wears a green shirt, a green pinstripe suit with red pocket square, black leather belt with gold buckle, white dress pants and a pair of red dress shoes.

Personality Edit

At a glance, Oda is seemingly flippant, shown by his attitude of using many ways to evict residents of the building that his real estate company's going to acquire, from offering cash compensation to hiring homeless people to scare them out so they can leave as soon as possible. He's also a well-informed person, making his property acquisition considerably effective, especially when combined with his on-site property acquisition. Oda is also somewhat quick-tempered, shown by his anger at Kiryu about his protective attitude towards Makoto in the construction site where he eventually got executed.

Fighting Style Edit

Oda's fighting style shows his proficiency in using the tonfa.

Gallery Edit

Quotes Edit

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