Joy is a doctor that helped Makoto and along with her and Sensei in the ending of Yakuza 0.

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She has umber brown eyes and black hair. She wears her hair up in a complex ponytail both in the workplace and on the streets of Kamurocho. Her pouted lips appear to have a rosewood lip gloss to them. While performing surgery, she wears dress-like blue scrubs that are tied over the neck and go down to her shins with blue scrub pants underneath, as well as some white sandals. She also has a thin, silver necklace underneath the scrubs.

While aboard Sera's ship, she wears her white lab coat open to reveal heather gray scrubs and black dress shoes. The silver necklace is fully visible now, and it is a silver pendant adorned with the shape of a small heart. She also wears a silver watch on her left wrist with the clock itself resting against her veins.

During the epilogue, Joy wears a gray fleece cardigan over her a black belted shirt and her heart-shaped pendant is fully visible. She wears a ruffled black skirt with laces at the bottom and a pair of black heels with silver buckles at the toes. There is now a silver bracelet on her left wrist.

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Not much can be said about Joy in terms of personality, but we know that she is very serious about her work. She's not one to sugarcoat the truth, as she tells Majima that Makoto "may wake in an hour, or a week, or never." When Majima asks her to take care of Makoto and get her awake, she responds with a firm nod of the head. She gives Kiryu a look of concern right before she leaves him and Shibusawa alone with Makoto in tow.

During the epilogue, she does speak her mind and tells the two yakuza to leave her and Makoto alone. When asked if she wanted to make easy money, she folds her arms defensively, trying to show resistance. She tries to fight back the yakuza in the pink suit when he grabs her wrist, but Makoto steps in to have him let her go. She is not as brave as Makoto is, but she immediately runs to get help from Tateyama-sensei when Makoto convinces the two yakuza to let her go. And to be reporting to Sera, she must be familiar with the ways of the yakuza and still works for him, despite that.

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