"To me,CIA is just like my chairman. If they tell me to kill someone,I do it. It doesn't matter who it is."

60 years old. He is the younger brother of Shintaro Kazama, founder of the Kazama Family and father figure to Kazuma Kiryu. 30 years ago, Joji was an elite member of the National Police Agency within the Secretariat of the Minister of State's international section. He received persecution because his brother Shintaro was a known yakuza of the Tojo Clan, so Joji had to resign and he eventually joined the CIA, and became a close friend of Tamiya.

Yakuza 3Edit

Due to his near identical looks to those of his dead brother, and Shintaro never having told people of Joji, he is initially presumed to be Shintaro after shooting Daigo and Nakahara. He shoots and kills both Lau Ka Long and Tamashiro


Personality Edit

Gallery Edit

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