Jin Goda is the elderly 5th chairman of the Omi Alliance, and adoptive father of Ryuji Goda. However, he has difficulty controlling the organization since it has become too big for him to handle.

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At one point during the 1980s, he met a Korean named Suyeon, who wanted him to take care of her infant son as she fled the country to seek for safety after the 1980 Jingweon massacre.

He was indirectly mentioned (through his position as the 5th Chairman of Omi Alliance) by Jingu in the first game, citing that Jingu had spoken to Omi Alliance's 5th Chairman for a year about a potential partnership between him and the Omi Alliance and that Jingu thought Terada is nothing but Omi Alliance's puppet.

Yakuza 2 Edit

He is kidnapped by Ryuji in a coup d'état, along with Daigo Dojima, after Kazuma Kiryu attempts to create a peace deal between the Tojo and the Omi. In the final chapter of the game, Jin explains the truth about Ryuji's original family. He took Ryuji in at the request of his biological mother Suyeon, wife of the Jingweon boss, and mother of Kaoru Sayama. In the end, he is shot and killed by Ryo Takashima.

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He has a long hair and an equally long beard. He wears a set of gray kimono, a pair of socks, and a pair of sandals. He's confined to a wheelchair.

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Goda is a reasonable person, shown when he agreed with Kiryu's truce offer, despite the Omi Alliance's eagerness to wage a war against the Tojo Clan.

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