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The Illegal Arms Dealers are vendors who appear on random floors in the Kamurocho Subterranea. They are marked with a dollar sign on the map, and their prices are higher than other stores.

Yakuza: Dead SoulsEdit

Item Cost
Toughness Z 975
Toughness ZZ 3300
Toughness Emperor 10950
Staminan X 1800
Staminan XX 5100
Staminan Royale 18000
Habaneron G 1500
Shotgun Ammo (60) 7500
Gatling Gun Ammo (120) 15000
Submachine Gun Ammo (200) 7500
Rifle Ammo (160) 12000
Grenade Launcher Ammo (15) 15000
Battery 450
High-Density Polymer 2400
Super Resilient Resin 9000
Bloody Cloth 30000

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