Heat Actions are special moves which are present throughout the Yakuza series. Heat Actions unleash brutal attacks such as pummeling enemies to the ground, smacking them with various objects, smashing faces against walls and even against other enemies..

Mechanics Edit

Yakuza heat

The bottom of the health bar displays a Heat gauge

Heat is displayed as a blue, partially segmented gauge beneath the character's health bar. The gauge fills as the player lands attacks and grabs. Should the player fill a segment of the bar they can use it to perform a Heat Action.

Some Heat Actions preformed depend on the player's situation eg. the surrounding, proximity to a wall/railing, number of enemies etc. Heat Actions using weapons will change depending on the character in play, for example Kiryu will hold and use a katana properly, while other characters will use the katana poorly

Some Heat actions can extend to another move which requires the player to perform a QTE sequence which can deal extra damage at the cost of extra Heat. Missing will not preform the extension.

Heat actions can also be performed by enemies and bosses and can be escaped by a QTE, however some bosses have certain Actions which cannot be escaped.

Feel the Heat! Edit

Feel the Heat! is a mechanic introduced in most of the Yakuza series, started in yakuza 2 but it's name wasn't "feel the heat" until Yakuza 3. It is performed at the end of a QTE sequence after successfully pressing the displayed buttons. This happens usually during Boss battles and long battles.

Yakuza 3 Edit

QTEs will require the player to mash R2 button to build Heat and perform a special Heat action known as Super Finishers. If the player already has sufficent Heat prior they will automatically get to choose..

Yakuza 4 Edit

At the near end of the QTE, the player must press the following buttons in order to gain Heat. If the player manages to gain enough Heat they perform a sequence of the character countering and dealing damage to the enemy. Activation of the sequence is always performed using Triangle. Failing the QTE will make the enemy deal damage to the player and remove their Heat completely.

Yakuza 5 Edit

Heat Actions perform similarly to Yakuza 3 and 4, but with the difference being button mashing must be timed correctly until the Heat gauge meets its requirements, triggering the sequence.

Yakuza Kiwami 2 Edit

The feel the heat mechanic functions almost similarly from its yakuza 3 counterpart. But instead, the player has to hit the square button rapidly until the heat reaches its maximum limit/requirements, after triggering that phase you can press the triangle button to trigger a special heat action that finishes the boss off.

Ultimate Heat Action(Essence of Kiwami) Edit

Ultimate Heat Actions are special moves introduced in Yakuza Kiwami, that can only be used in boss battles.

Description Edit

Ultimate Heat Actions are performed when a boss starts to go into a recovering state. Different colors are displayed randomly which must match your style in order to perform the Heat action. A special sequence is shown and the boss will take massive damage. a symbol at the end is then shown (極 goku). meaning extreme, or ultimate).

Climax Heat Edit

Climax Heat actions are special moves introduced in Yakuza 5

Description Edit

Climax Heat Actions are displayed next to the health bar, it gains meter from your regular heat actions. These actions are preformed exactly like regular heat actions, but instead of the original blue color, its displayed as a red color. These actions do a lot of damage but also being really flashy. Climax Heat actions are preformed with consecutive buttons and button mashing, at the end it shows a Kanji similar to Kiryu's Essence of Dragon King.