Haruto Sawamura is the son of Haruka Sawamura and Yuta Usami.

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The infant son of Haruka Sawamura and grandson to Kazuma Kiryu, Haruto was conceived during Kiryu's time in prison shortly after the events of Yakuza 5.

Yakuza 6 Edit

Kiryu first met him at the Touto University Hospital after he discovered that Haruka was left in a coma and put under intensive care. Concerned that his biological father is still unknown, Kiryu wanted to take care of him, much to Akiyama's disagreement as he's not Kiryu's biological relative, causing him to fight Kiryu.

In order to avoid child services, Kiryu decided to take Haruto to Hiroshima to track down Haruka's whereabouts during her escape. While travelling the streets of Hiroshima to search for Haruto's father, a local bartender named Kiyomi Kasahara helped Kiryu in taking care of him. It is revealed that Haruka conceived him during a one-night stand.

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