"You forget,didn't you!?"
Akiyama's secretary and the only employee at Sky Finance, who appears in Yakuza 4. She is a supporting character in Yakuza 4.

Biography Edit

She formerly worked with Akiyama at the same bank he was employed at. She always admires Akiyama ever since she works there. When Akiyama gets fired and rises back from the ashes after the events of Yakuza, at some point, he and Hana reunited and she's willing to become Akiyama's secretary at the new established loaning company named 'Sky Finance'.

Appearance Edit

Hana is notably recognized from her chubby posture. She really likes Kanrai's Kalbi and her chubby appearance must have resulted from her eating too much. In epilogue, however, she became extremely skinny because she can't eat properly without thinking about Akiyama.

Yakuza 4 Edit

During the events of Yakuza 4, Hana sends Akiyama to get the late payment. After 4 hours not returning, Hana calls Akiyama about suspicious activities near the office and tells Akiyama to return at once. Akiyama witnesses Arai killed Ihara, and mistakenly arrested by the cops. It was thanks to Hana that he was deemed innocent and freed immediately. When Akiyama goes to meet Kido at Theater Square, Shibata clan members attacked Hana, but she manage to defeat them all.

She assists Akiyama several times during his substories. One of them being when she and the rest of Akiyama's friends work together in a plan to trick an Akiyama's impostor and cleanse the name of Sky Finance. She also recognized one of the clients, Lily, who looks exactly like Eri, Akiyama's ex-fiance, and seems a bit distrustful of her because Eri abandoned Akiyama for the man who fired him. At some point, she went shopping for food and found Kido at the office after she returns. They were ambushed by the Hatsushiba family and was knocked out by the lieutenant, Midorikawa, and kidnaps Kido. Akiyama found her injured inside the office and she was sent to the hospital for the time being.

After she recovers, she was shocked when she learns that Akiyama lends Lily the 100 million yen she asks for, even though he knows he likely won't get it back. Hana questions Akiyama's decision, and he tells her back that this was his money, so that he can freely do whatever he wants with it. Fed up with Akiyama's irresponsibility, Hana becomes enraged and runs away. After being caught by Akiyama, she asks Akiyama why would he still fond of a woman who looked like his ex-fiance after what she did to him. Akiyama responds that he could never let go some of things in the past. This was a final straw for Hana that she decided to quit from Sky Finance and tells Akiyama to look after himself and try his best.

She no longer appears until epilogue, now thin. Akiyama quite shocked at Hana's new appearance and she admits that she haven't been able to eat ever since she left him and asks Akiyama to have her old job back. Akiyama quickly beings to talk about Hana's favourite kalbi, for which she admonishes him, asking if he's trying to make her fat again.

Yakuza Dead Souls Edit

In the zombie spinoff Of the End, she appears as her former self, having returned to her old body type after going back to her old diet. She has the flu, and Akiyama takes care of her until she recovers from her illness.

Yakuza 5 Edit

Hana makes a vocal cameo in Yakuza 5, beginning with a phone call with Akiyama at the beginning of Chapter 3, Part 3. Hana berates Akiyama for not going appearing in Tokyo and made remarks regarding Akiyama slacking off in starting the Osaka branch of Sky Finance.

After Akiyama's first fight, Hana then contacted Akiyama to let him know of the situation regarding Dyna Chair.

Post-Yakuza 5 Edit

Following the closure of Sky Finance before the events of Yakuza 6, Akiyama sent her back to her hometown.

Personality Edit

Compared to Akiyama, Hana is very dedicated and hardworker. She always be the one who tidy up the office and taking care of the finances. Despite being the secretary, Hana is very strict to Akiyama and always reminds him about the payments he late to collect while also reminding him not too be lazy. She can also be a bit short-tempered that Akiyama sometimes can be scared of her. However, Hana is actually a pretty kind-hearted woman and somehow had a feelings for Akiyama. She can't eat properly ever since she quits from Sky Finance and returns.

Skills and Abilities Edit

Despite being fat, Hana was actually a strong fighter. She able to fight off a bunch of Yakuza without Akiyama's help. In the first Trial Ultimate Challenge, she shares the same moveset as fat enemies and she can caused quite heavy damage at them with her attacks. Hana is also a very good singer, proven from the karaoke mini games.

Trivia Edit

  • The coat Hana wears after she gets thin uses an identical mesh to Yasuko Saejima's coat, but with a slightly different colour.