A man driven to devastation by Kazuma Kiryu in the past, and the current head of the Korean mafia’s Jingweon faction.

The current leader of the Jingweon, a faction of the Korean mafia that was previously driven to the verge of extinction by Kazuma Kiryu. He has a hand in Kamurocho’s sex industry, and the group’s influence is expanding rapidly. Using his stylish appearance, he himself is the constant subject of women’s attention each night as the owner of a host club.

History Edit

Yakuza 6 Edit

Jungi was first encountered during Kiryu's meet with Yuya at a Japanese barbecue restaurant. After punishing the club's henchman for causing trouble to Kiryu at Stardust, he politely invited the group to Stardust as an apology.

Upon invited, he led the way to Kiryu and Yuuta. He purchased Stardust from Kazuki and Yuya and decided to revamp it by refurbishing the main hall and adding a basement area that serves as the cabaret area, with more sexualized services and a center stage, where Jungi invited Kiryu to a ring fight, which Kiryu initially declined, but after seeing Yuuta's defeat, he accepted the fight, under the condition that Jungi will provide information about Tatsukawa. Impressed at Kiryu's victory, he asked the club to applaud him as a sign of sportsmanship and offered Kiryu a handshake.

After the defeat, he tipped Kiryu that Tatsukawa left the club after Jungi acquired the business. He also revealed that Tatsukawa traveled to Kamurocho not to become a host, but an informant for a Chinese syndicate instead and used his job as a host to hide his connection to the Chinese mafia. Before Kiryu left Stardust, Jungi told him that Tatsukawa still lives in Kamurocho.

Later on the game, Jungi met Kiryu in Hiroshima after the Hirose family got ambushed by a number of unknown men. There, both were engaged in another duel.

Kiryu's final encounter with Jungi happened onboard a ship. Before the final fight, Jungi revealed that it was Tatsukawa who caused the accident in Kamurocho, and that Haruto could be dead had Haruka didn't protect him during the crash. Shortly after the fight, an unknown person shot Jungi in the head, instantly killing him.

Appearance Edit

Han is a considerably stylish person. He has a bleached hair and wears a suit jacket over bare chests, a scarf, a pair of black dress pants and a pair of dark blue loafers. He is also seen wearing an eyeliner.

Personality Edit

Han appears as a man with good manners that match his looks. He also has a knack for business, able to rapidly expand the organization by relying on sex industry.

On the other hand, he's also a cruel and moody person, not bothering to kidnap Haruto, to a point where he threatened to kill him. He also holds a personal vendetta against Kiryu for nearly eliminating the organization in the previous years.

Fighting Style Edit

His moves are primarily based on boxing. He doesn't quickstep during fighting, relying on evasion and blocks as means of defense.

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