Guarding (also known as Blocking) is a maneuver that allows your character to prevent almost any attacks from damaging you.

Description Edit

By holding L1, your character will do a covering stance that can stop any almost any attack from damaging you.

There are plenty of advantages to blocking, however blocking has some of its disadvantages

Advantages Edit

  • As it says, it can stop any almost any attack.
  • Startup is really fast, which will allow you to instantly block.
  • While blocking, theres is an ability where you can gain Heat by absoring attacks by blocking.
  • Recovery is moderatly fast, which allows you to anything after the recovery.
  • Blocking can also prevent combos.
  • Theres an ability that can allow you to reblock from any strong attack.

Disadvantages Edit

  • It is prone to Strong attacks that could break guard
  • It protects you from only the direction you are facing
  • It cannot guard low attacks such as sweep
  • Obviously it cannot protect you from grabs or Command grabs.

Some character have there own unique ability with their guard such as saejima's and kiryu's ability to knockback while blocking, Tanimura's Parry which can absorb an attack and leaves them open for a counter attack from behind, and Majima's Shimano style ability where he can go into a sidestep cancel while blocking at a cost of heat.

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