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"Ain't about money. For yakuza,it's all about power. Those that lose power have to give way to those that have it."
—Majima to Saejima
Majima in Yakuza 6

Goro Majima (真島 吾朗, Majima Gorō.) A lieutenant of the Shimano family, Shimano's right-hand man and head of the Majima Family, Majima is an acquaintance of Kiryu with a twisted sense of loyalty. His temper and lack of mercy earned him the nickname "the Mad Dog of the Shimano Family". Because of his friendship with Kiryu he believed himself to be the only one entitled to kill him, and nearly died attempting to protect that right. He is also the sworn brother of Taiga Saejima and fights him with as much desire as he does Kiryu.

He is voiced by Hidenari Ugaki in Japanese and Mark Hamill in the English version of the first game.

History Edit

Yakuza 0 Edit

24 years old, Majima was held captive in Anagura, the Tojo Clan's personal torture chambers for over a year for disobeying Shimano's order to cancel the raid on Ueno Yoshiharo (In reality he was kept from reaching the assassination site). After enduring torture, starvation and thirst, in addition to losing his left eye completely, one year later he was let out under two conditions.

The first condition was that he was suspended from the Tojo Organization and to live as a regular civilian until further notice, with all titles and benefits stripped from him. The second condition was to work as General Manager at the Grand Cabaret in Sotenbori, Osaka and raise 100,000,000 yen profit under Shimano's oath brother Sagawa, who is owner of the club as well as member of Omi organization.

Majima had endured insults and violence from arrogant businessmen who are wealthy customers, and all he can do is smile and say, "The customer is king". In addition he managed day-to-day the Hostess girls' needy demands which he called a "pain in the ass".

Majima was being watched 24/7 by Sagawa's men who were always watching him both at the Club, and his cheap apartment. If he were to make any moves disobeying Sagawa, he would be executed immediately on sight, or worse; permanently banned from Tojo Organization, should he successfully escape. Majima called this situation, "The Wall-Less Prison of Bright Lights".

However, due to his persistence and business skills, eventually he earned the nickname of The Lord of Night, due to his incredible business skill he was verge of reaching 100,000,000 yen in just one year.

However, Sagawa was not very kind to Majima by any means, despite the results Sagawa demanded that he is to raise another 500,000,000 yen or do another job for him, then he will be free and Sagawa will arrange his return to Tojo Organization with Shimano.

The job was to "kill a person named Makimura Makoto who lives in Sotenbori", a job that was asked from Shimano to Sagawa, due to geographic reasons. Majima accepts the job. Sagawa tells him Makimura is a ruthless pimp, forcing college aged girls to work for him and taking all of their money. Majima remarks that this should be an easy hit, considering that Makimura wasn't a pleasant person. Sagawa gives him just two days to complete the mark.

Majima heads off to a telephone club, and after a few hours gets a call from a young college aged woman who says she knows a Makoto Makimura. Before agreeing to meet however, the girl asks Majima if he has any tattoos, to which he replies he does and the tattoo is that of a Hannya. After going on a date with the girl and getting information, he learns that Makimura is a massage therapist, and that Makimura is also hunting down a man with a bat tattoo.

When he enters Makimura's office, he finds it to be empty. He's walked in by a blind woman, whom he startles and quickly makes up a lie of him being one of Makimura's patients. The woman, who works for Makimura, offers to give Majima a massage. Majima gets quite comfortable with the woman, eventually falling asleep as she massages his back. He's awoken by her, only for Makimura to enter. He recognizes Majima as an assassin, and asks the woman to get him some cigarettes. When the two are alone, Majima goes to attack Makimura. Their fight is interrupted by yakuza, who ask for Makimura. When he responds, the head yakuza, Oishi, laughs and asks again for Makoto. The blind woman returns, and it's revealed that she herself is Makoto Makimura.Oishi then shoots the man. The other yakuza chase after Makoto. Majima fights Oishi and his lackeys.

Yakuza Edit

Majima meets Kiryu

Majima initially appears in Yakuza when Kiryu gets attacked by a Majima family goon who didn't know he was fighting kiryu. He explains how Yumi looks hot to Kiryu. Majima pays the responsibility attacking him with an umbrella. He tries give him a final bow but Kiryu stops him. Majima lowers his arm down as he gives him some advice of teaching kids about respect once he creates his own family.

Majima tells Kiryu where Haruka is at.

After 10 years, Majima and his member attacks Date to kidnap Haruka to lure Kiryu so he can face him in the battling cage. Majima is deadly serious when he fights Kiryu to test if Kiryu can take him on. Majima loses but refuses to give up as he can still stand. Majima notices one of his men try to stab Kiryu from behind with knife, Majima stands behind Kiryu and gets stabbed in his place. He reveals that Kiryu is now his friend and vows to him that he'll be the one to kill him someday. Majima collapses and his men take him to the hospital.

Majima ask the nervous woman to be his bitch

The healed Majima crashes the Shangi hotel and grappling the scaring woman as hostage. He asks her if she will become his bitch,but the woman is honest when she reveals that she has a boyfriend and Majima decides to let her go since he likes honest people and people shouldn't toy with emotions. Majima fights Kiryu again and Majima loses telling he is a hard ass before he faints.

Yakuza 2 Edit

In Yakuza 2, with Shimano dead and his family now disbanded, the Majima Family leaves the Tojo Clan and establish themselves as a construction company. With Kage the Florist gone from Purgatory, Majima immediately takes over the secret society.

Although no longer interested in the clan, he promises to help Kiryu fend off the Omi Alliance after fighting him once again at the Underground Coliseum.

He later takes on all of the men sent to the town single-handed. Recklessly disarming the bomb in the Millennium Tower, Majima tells Kiryu to finish off Ryuji Goda and the Jingweon Mafia at the final showdown as he proclaims himself as the one destined to defeat him.

Yakuza 3 Edit

Majima vs Kiryu

In 2006, with the Jingweon Mafia and the Omi Alliance dealt with, Kiryu meets with Majima at the top of Millennium Tower. Kazuma pleads with him once more to go back to the Tojo Clan to support the newly-appointed Sixth Chairman, Daigo Dojima, as a contingency for any future troubles. Majima, reluctant at first since his construction company is now his responsibility, becomes intrigued by Kiryu's idea that he would be able to run amok and cause chaos for the survival of the clan. Majima then explains that he is only swayed by the strong, and implies that he will only accept this favour by force. After their fourth battle in the series, Majima loses and promises Kiryu he would return to the Tojo clan, leaving him to wonder what he had got himself into.

Majima and his men quickly approaches at Kiryu

In 2008, suspected of betraying the Tojo Clan over the resort deal, Kiryu heads to Purgatory to meet with Majima to get his side of the story. Greeted by his large entourage of yakuza soldiers, Majima asks Kiryu to follow him to the now-defunct Underground Coliseum where they could talk quietly. Before Majima can answer any further questions, Kiryu must beat him first in the first official coliseum fight since its closure two years ago. After losing again to Kiryu, he reveals that he got involved for Daigo's sake and that he was also set up by Goh Hamazaki as a suspect of the clan's inner dispute.

After saving Kiryu from Land Minister Suzuki's private army outside of the Diet Building, Majima offers to send his family in Okinawa as assistance, which Kiryu refuses. Majima wishes him luck and tells him not to be beaten by Mine and the CIA as he's the one going to kill him someday.

Yakuza 4 Edit

Akiyama heard Majima's story about Yasuko Saejima

In 2010, the Majima Family has moved to the old Kazama Family office in the Millennium Tower. Majima follows the trail of Yasuko Saejima, determined to protect her for his old friend, Taiga Saejima.Majima sent Minami to track Yasuko as Lily at Elise. As Akiyama defeats Minami,Majima approaches in. Majima tells Akiyama the reason he came after Yasuko is one Majima should protect for amends what he didn't back in 84.

Majima and Saejima

Majima aware about Saejima's arrival to Kamurocho sending Minami to send Saejima to meet him. Majima finally meet Saejima after Saejima defeats Minami and other members. Majima insist Saejima to follow him as Saejima wish to know. Majima is later reunited with Saejima at the batting cages where they fight before reminiscing. Majima recounts the story of how he lost his eye to Saejima, and Saejima comments that Majima's Kansai speech has improved while telling him that Shibata was ultimately murdered.

Majima arrested

Majima is later arrested to keep him from being an obstacle in Munakata's plan. Majima tells Kiryu that he is only one who Majima got and warn that Yasuko in danger. Majima begs Kiryu to help Yasuko before getting into the police car.

Yakuza Dead Souls Edit

Majima watches the zombie film on televison

During the events of the zombie spinoff Of the End (Dead Souls in English), Majima is watching old zombie films in his flat in Millennium Tower when it is put under quarantine. He escapes the tower only to receive a phone call saying that he is late for the grand opening of Kamurocho Hills, a skyscraper he helped to construct throughout the series. He arrives only to find that it too is under quarantine, and that he must protect the people holed up inside the tower from the zombie invaders. He helps to evacuate the refugees to Purgatory, but in the process gets bitten by a zombie.

Majima suggest Kiryu he might become a zombie

He fears he may soon become one, a fear that is reinforced when Kiryu and Asagi (a female SDF soldier) remark that his eye has started turning red. In despair, he walks over to the Champion District, where he finds an abandoned Sauna. Thinking he may be able to "sweat out" the zombie toxin, he decides to visit.

He is not seen again until the end of the game, where it is revealed that the zombie who "bit" him was in fact previously a toothless old man and thus did not manage to break his skin. It is also revealed that the reason his eye has turned red is because he was suffering from hay fever.

Yakuza 5 Edit

Yakuza 6 Edit

Also worked as Mashima set boss with the largest scale of the forces in Dongcheng meeting, To his own remarks the Lieutenants assistant a few years ago.  After healed as my younger brother head, Dongcheng Board six-generation president, It became a position to support the Dojima Daigo.  In the relationship of decades and Kiryu, In the past nemesis that has been engaged in a desperate struggle divided into friend or foe

Appearance Edit

Yakuza 0 Edit

Majima has longer hair with a pony tail. wears a tuxedo with the buttons on the bottom closed and with a bowtie. Sometimes he has his bowtie removed and leaves an opening on his shirt. He has an eyepatch from losing his left eye from torture.

Yakuza 1 and onwards Edit

His main appearance usual consist of a snake skinned coat with no shirt under it, revealing part of of tattoos, and wears a gold chain. He also is wearing black skinny pants with a black belt, and silver and black dress shoes. He also wears black leather gloves. Lastly his eye patch appears to have a symbol of the snake.

Personality Edit

Majima is very much along the old ways of the Yakuza lifestyle similar to Taiga, valuing power over wealth in terms of deciding the worth of a Yakuza member. Majima has earned his reputation as the "Mad Dog" for his utterly unpredictable and violent attitude that members of his family are often more frightened when he is serious and calm. Despite this, he has never killed a single man not because he is merciful but because of his views. To Majima those that he choose to kill are either in their dying moments and deserves a merciful death or people who had earned his respect to be allowed to die by his hand. To those that he views as trash and inferior he would ruthlessly beat them senseless but deny them an glorious death in battle.

Majima over the years had went through several personality shifts, when he was oath brothers with Taiga he served as the calmer mind of the two, while he lacked the same mental commitment as Taiga he was the one who was concerned about Yasuko's welfare on the day before the hit. His loyalty to Taiga was felt throughout the years, choosing to let Shimano kill him when Sera and Sagawa ordered him to kill Shimano to ensure the secret alliance never reaches the Omi Alliance. After he returned to the good graces of Shimano he created the feared reputation of the Mad Dog, the unpredictable enforcer of Shimano's law. Later years shows his more sincere side and the sense of loyalty that was virtually unknown to Kiryu.

Majima also acts the comic relief in the game, his sense of dark humor is seen in Dead Souls where he laughs at the suffering of several conmen as they were about to be bitten by customers they had scammed as well as the Majima training sessions where he will take up disguises for the sole purpose of training Kiryu.

Fighting Style Edit

Yakuza 0: Edit

Thug: Majima's street fighting style consist of attacking from all directions and a bunch of kicking moves.very graceful and refined. This is one of Majima's basic fighting style like Kiryu's Brawler moveset. This styles color is blue being the main color of other playable characters fighting styles.

Slugger: This moveset consist of Majima utilizing with different weapons, mostly with the bat. He can unleash a bunch powerful attacks that can break guards. He cannot grab in this style, but instead replace it with a guard breaker move that can connect to a heat action. You can also customize with different weapons, but however you need to have this styles trainer to master its full potential first before you can use the weapon effectively, And the weapons can last up to forever. This is Majima's Power Style like Kiryu's Destruction style. This styles color is yellow

Breaker: A capoeria like style which makes fast combos, and can deal with crowds of enemies, he also can pose and do even more crazy combos. Just like his Slugger style, he cannot grab, but instead replaces it with a backflip instead, but with ability no.49 [Rolling snake] While you are in 2nd gear, Majima can grab enemies from the legs, however its not always a guaranteed throw as enemies will sometimes sidestep it and you'll end up sliding and have to recover from the ground. He cannot pick up objects or weapons on this style, but instead throws it instead. Majima can dodge twice by default. This style is Majima's speed style like to Kiryu's Rush Style. This styles color is light purple.

Mad Dog: AKA "The mad dog of Shimano", a secret style for Majima that must be unlocked by Finishing Majima's Nightlife island after defeating Moon, after that revisit Club Grand. Whats unique about this style is that is where Majima goes into a state where he runs extremely fast. You can go into this state by simply holding the analog stick right after any rush combo, during it you can press triangle to land a slash attack. He can also dodge cancel with any rush combo. Majima cannot grab in this style, but instead makes him do a low sweep kick instead, but there is another ability when you press circle in 3rd gear mode, you can preform Majima's spin attack. Majima can dodge twice by default, he also has the ability to dodge cancel while blocking, however it consumes heat. You cannot grab the environments weapons, but instead you can equip weapons you have in your inventory, you can even equip custom knives to style your mad dog style. Majima's taunt makes him laugh like a maniac, making his heat gauge decrease about 75 pecent for one heat gauge, then sometimes goes back up 50 percent. This styles color is dark purple.

One unique thing about Majima is his use in weapons. Besides his fighting style, Majima is very fluent in weapons especially the katana.

Yakuza Kiwami Edit

Majima's uses the Mad dog of Shimano style, then switches to his Street Fighting style in his second encounter. In the Majima Everywhere Training. Majima utilizes all the styles from Yakuza 0 for each fight.

Yakuza 1 onwards Edit

During most of the series Majima is shown to be a vicious and aggressive fighter, often using his agility and nimbleness to move fast and land precise strikes. He always fights using his favoured knife which he often uses in a chain of combos that must be evaded through specific button input sequences. He is shown to counter quick and can also spin like a tornado while hacking at his opponent. Due to the use of his knife he rarely uses punches and thus his style is a mix of kicks and slashes. Because of his knife it is impossible to block him unless one acquires the necessary skills to parry blades.

Yakuza 5 Edit

Majima is somehow capable of creating shadow doppelgangers while he himself turns into a dark figure all of whom can hack at Saejima. It is hinted he is able to create these copies through sheer speed.

Quotes Edit

Gallery Edit

Goro Majima/Gallery

Trivia Edit


  • Majima is the only character in the Ryu ga Gotoku series who's been a standard boss, a final boss, an A.I buddy and a playable character.
    • Also, he's the only boss character to appear in every game.


  • His signature weapon seems to be a tanto, which he handles with... rather disturbing fondness. His final unlockable stance in 0 is to use it and bringing it out causes him to laugh maniacally.
    • Even more disturbingly, the fourth game reveals it's the same weapon he lost his left eye to.
  • He ranked 1st place in the fan most favorite characters poll according to Sega due the being comic relief.[1]

Reference Edit

  1. Ryu ga Gotoku's popularity poll result

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