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Yakuza 3

One of the tournaments available at the Coliseum.

  • 3 Rounds.
  • Difficulty level: ****


Stand up and prove your strength mano-a-mano with your fists! No cheap tricks allowed in this bare-fist against bare-fist grand prix! Who will punch it out to become number one?


  • Maxim Soldadov
  • The Big Dandy
  • Park Dong-Joo
  • Antonio Vasquero
  • Ginjiro Izaka
  • Don Carpaccio
  • Kenichi Okouchi
  • Sosuke Nagai
  • William Clerc
  • Jon Carter
  • Lionel Klinsmann
  • Scorpio Kito
  • Nobuyoshi Yamamoto
  • Norman "Crazy" Wade
  • Laos Wywatt

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