"Bet you wren't expectin' me, Kazuma-san. You gonna squeal like a bitch, motherfucker!"
Gary's words before he fights Kiryu in Yakuza 1 (English Dub).

Gary Buster Holmes is the former champion of the Coliseum, notorious for being undefeated until he fights Kiryu. He also works as a bodyguard for The Florist within the Underground Coliseum (or "Purgatory" in the English Dub). He speaks fluent Japanese, but points out to Kiryu that he doesn't actually understand the words.

Yakuza/Yakuza Kiwami Edit

Gary is introduced in Chapter 5, serving as the third and final rival that Kiryu has to fight. He was undefeated for three years, until Kiryu defeated him.

Yakuza 2/Yakuza Kiwami 2 Edit

During the second game (and its remake), Gary works as a construction worker in Majima Construction as well as the Coliseum's resident fighter.

Yakuza 4 Edit

He's still working at Kamurocho Hills during Yakuza 4, and decides to challenge Kiryu to one last fight. Kiryu comments that his understanding of Japanese is still terrible.

Yakuza Dead Souls Edit

Gary serves a military instructor during the Kamurocho Zombie Apocalypse as he reveals he has Extensive Combat Training in Firearms and helps the Cast in Training in Combat.


Gary only wears forest camo pants, and a pair of black medium-length boots. He also wears a Majima Construction hard hat in his appearances in Yakuza 2 and Yakuza 4.