Fishing is a minigame introduced in Yakuza 3 and returning in subsequent games. It is part of the Minigames Challenge. Completion usually requires catching every type of fish, including trash like broken umbrellas, coral, and metal barrels.

Yakuza 3Edit

Template:Main-Yakuza 3 Fishing The fishing spot is on Sunshine Beach.

Eight (8) types of fish must be caught. Fish and sea snails stack to 99 in the hideout's item list, but coral and umbrellas do not.

Catching a tuna is one way to complete a substory in Okinawa.

Yakuza 4Edit

Main article: Yakuza 4 Fishing

The fishing spot is at the Docks.

Twenty-three (23) types of fish must be caught. Fish do not stack in the hideout's item list.

Catching a squid and a marlin is necessary to complete the Modding Challenge.

Fishing successfully at least three times is necessary to complete Saejima's substories.

Yakuza Dead SoulsEdit

The fishing spot is again at the Docks.

Twenty (20) types of fish must be caught.

Catching a zombie (Esper Ito) is necessary to complete other minigame challenges.

Yakuza 5Edit


Yakuza 0Edit

The fishing spot is on the Sotenbori Footpath.

Catching a Salmon, a Soft-shell Turtle and an Eel is necessary to complete a substory in Sotenbori.

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