The Dining Challenge is a recurring challenge in the Yakuza series.

Yakuza 2Edit


Yakuza 3Edit

Order 259 food and drink items to receive a Dragon Shirt from Bob Utsunomiya.

There are a total of 202 unique items. The two Smile Burgers share five items including the secret Giga Smile Burger. Six alcoholic drinks can only be found in one location:

  • Shellac: Yamazaki 25 Years, The Macallan 1946, Suntory X.O, Ryukyu Awamori Churajima, Aged Awamori Tenryugura
  • Umachii: 25 Proof Zampa

A copy of Tokyo Ishukan is required to access five hidden menu items at five different locations:

The earliest this challenge can be completed is Chapter 7. All food (but not drinks) from the Pronto Café list must be ordered prior to returning to Sunshine Orphanage in Chapter 10. While Pronto offers the ability to order drinks from both menus during the final chapter, the food list is limited to the night (bar) options.

The minimum cost of completing this challenge is ¥217,070, including the purchase of a copy of Tokyo Ishukan for ¥370.

Yakuza 4Edit

Order 234 food and drink items to receive a Lucky Binding from Bob B at Naomi's Palace.

There are a total of 186 unique items.

Ten alcoholic drinks are only available at one location:

  • Bantam: Yamazaki 1984, The Macallan 30 Years, Herradura Tequila Silver
  • Earth Angel: Suntory Kuromaru Shochu
  • Shellac: Yamazaki 25 Years, The Macallan 1946, White Bowmore 43 Years Old, Suntory Brandy X.O.
  • Cuez Bar: Limited Cocktail Kamuro Twilight, Hakushu 25 Years, Chabot Napoleon

Tokyo Ishukan is needed at five locations to unlock special menu items. These items will appear in purple text at the top of the food or drink list:

Additionally, the substory "Master vs. Apprentice" must be completed to unlock Black Tonkotsu Ramen at Kyushu No. 1 Star.

Copies of 3 Times from the Underground Mall can be used at the following establishments for a 30% discount:

  • Kanrai
  • Sushi Gin
  • Earth Angel
  • Shellac
  • Cuez Bar

Yakuza Dead SoulsEdit

Order 221 food and drink items to receive a Gourmet Badge from Bob B at Naomi's Palace.

Unlike other games, every single item is treated as unique even if it is available at more than one location. Some locations will also be quarantined as the story progresses and must be liberated.

Yakuza 5Edit




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