"Minami. I roll with Majima Family."

Minami is the Junior Leader of the Majima Family.

Yakuza 4 Edit

He debuts in Yakuza 4 where he arrives at a hostess club owned by Akiyama looking for Lily. After trading insults and refusing to leave, he and Akiyama fight in which he is defeated. He then attempts to continue fighting until he is stopped by Majima, who then reveals that he is looking for Lily in order to protect her.

He later appears in the Millennium Tower when Taiga Saejima arrives looking for Goro. He then orders members of the Majima Family to attack the intruder and fights Taiga personally after they are defeated in which he is defeated himself.

Appearance Edit

Minami has several facial piercings as well as several indentations on his face and ears, suggesting that he may previously have had even more. He has a large tattoo of a snake wrapped around a skull on his back that extends to both arms, as well as several other tattoos on his chest, and the English word HONOR on his abdomen.

Personality Edit

He has a rather quirky and prideful personality.

Gallery Edit

Fighting Style Edit

He uses "drunken style" while fighting in which he attacks opponents while intoxicated, which makes him more agile and nimble than he is normally.

Trivia Edit

  • The mesh for Minami's arm tattoos contains geometry covering his forefingers, and these are UV mapped to a section of the tattoo texture that contains ambient occlusion, bump and specular maps made for this section of the body. This suggests that Minami was originally going to have tattoos on his fingers, but the developers decided against it, leaving the invisible tattoo finger mesh on the finished model.