Daiki Awano (correctly/officially spelled as Hiroki Awano in the English release) is a character who appears on Yakuza 0. Awano is one of the three Lieutenants of the Dojima Family alongside Kuze and Shibusawa in 1988. He is voiced by Riki Takeuchi.

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Awano's head is modeled off of his voice actor, Riki Takeuchi.

Awano seems to be in his late 40's to early 50's. He wears a designer purple suit jacket, gold chain, black turtleneck sweater, trousers, and shined black shoes. He has a tattoo of Momotaro fighting a demon on his back.

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  • Awano's tattoo may possibly be a nod to Takeuchi's role as Seiji in the movie Kikoku since he has a similar Momotaro tattoo.
  • Awano's signature purple suit jacket was originally meant to be yellow, but was later changed to purple based on his voice actor's suggestion since he believed that the previous color "didn't properly mirror the atmosphere of the bubble era".

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