"Dancing is not just about technique.It's about how you express your you let others see what's in your heart. That's the key."

Christian (クリスティーナ) aka Christina is the dance instructor. He works a concert at Osaka Jo Hall.

Yakuza 5 Edit

A famous dance instructor. He rarely takes the stage himself but is known throughout the world for his ability to extract talent from those he teaches. He doesn't seek money or power and only instrucs those he potential in. He met Haruka while in Japan to prepare for a concert and agreed to train her. After Park's death and when Haruka's debut is threatened by the interference of Osaka Enterprises, he supports Yamaura in preparing for the concert.

Appearance Edit

He wears a hunter green pinstriped suit with matching fedora hat over a black shirt, khaki dress pants and a pair of white leather shoes. He also wears a pair of earrings.

Personality Edit

While he's brutally honest especially when meeting Akari, he's actually a compassionate person, doing so to encourage talent from promising candidates. He also appears to be experienced in event organizing, eager to help Haruka and Yamaura to materialize Mirei's wish: to hold a concert in Tokyo Dome for Haruka's debut.

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