The Tojo Clan has had the following chairmen

No. Name Family Game Dates
1st Makoto Tojo Tojo Family Pre Yakuza 1
2nd Takashi Nihara Yakuza 0
3rd Masaru Sera Yakuza 1 1993-2005
* possible interim Shintaro Kazama (Fuma) Kazama Family Yakuza 1 20051
* possible interim Akira Nishiki Nishiki Family Yakuza 1 20052
4th Kazuma Kiryu Dojima Family (Former) Yakuza 1 2005
5th Yukio Terada Omi Alliance Yakuza 1 2005-2006
* interim Yayoi Dojima Dojima Family Yakuza 2 2006
6th Daigo Dojima Dojima Family Yakuza 3 / Yakuza 4 2006-2016
* interim Katsumi Sugai Sugai Family Yakuza 6 2016
* interim Osamu Kashiwagi Kazama Family Yakuza 3 2009


1 Kazuki, manager of Stardust says "You know how it is with the Chairman" regarding Fuma Oyabun when first meeting Kazuma in Yakuza 1. This could mean the death of Sera or that Fuma is busy now he is interim Chairman. Unclear.

2 In the period after Fuma's shooting, some of the Tojo Clan are calling Nishiki the chairman, but this is not confirmed as Kiryu is called the 4th.

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