Blue Seal (ブルーシールパーラー) is an ice cream parlor in Downtown Ryukyu.

Food ListEdit

Yakuza 3Edit

Item Japanese Cost XP Description


バニラ 260 28 This is vanilla, easily our most popular flavor.
Chocolate チョコレート 260 28 The natural bittersweet cocoa used in this chocolate will melt in your mouth.
Mango Tango マンゴタンゴ 260 28 This is our Mango Tango. It's a popular mango ice cream lightly caressed in vanilla for a tropical delight.
Go-ya ゴーヤー 260 28 This yogurt-like dessert has Okinawa-grown bitter melon in it.
Matcha 抹茶 260 28 This ice cream has the refreshing, slightly bitter taste of green tea.
Sugar Cane サトウキビ 260 28 Healthy, Okinawan sugar cane used to make brown sugar.
Beni-imo 紅イモ 260 28 This sweet potato ice cream is made with real Okinawan sweet potatoes. Its smooth, rich flavor makes it especially popular.
Chura-imo 美らイモ 260 28 Roasted sweet yams made into incredible ice cream.
Banapaco バナパコ 260 28 Banapaco ice cream's got banana, pineapple, and coconut flavors all rolled into one.
Pineapple パイナップルアイス 270 29 This pineapple ice cream contains real pineapple pulp and juice for a rich, tropical flavor.
Ube ウベ 270 29 A delicious tropical vegetable known for its shiny, purple color.
Blue Wave ブルーウェーブ 270 29 Blue Wave is refreshing pineapple ice cream swirled with blue soda sherbet.