Leader of the Chinese mafia. After the big fire in the Asia District, he launched his full scale advance on Kamurocho. Saiokai leader

The leader of the Saio Triad (祭汪会), part of the Chinese mafia. Following the blaze within Little Asia, an area of the town so called due to its large population of Asians, he begins a full-scale advance on Kamurocho. Always appearing grim, he is a chief who uses his overwhelming power to bring the organisation together.

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He became the ringleader of Saio Triad around thirty years before the events of the game from his father, who, at one time before the war, worked with Heizo Iwami.

He originally had two sons, Jimmy Lo and Yuta Usami, but he gave away Yuta Usami due to blood relations rule, making Jimmy Lo the heir apparent to the triad.

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