A nicely dressed foreigner whose always wandering around Kamurocho, drinking and racking up debt. He was once a boxing trainer, and during his time in Kamurocho, he's the one who trains Kiryu's Brawler style.

Yakuza 0 Edit

He approached Kiryu after he fought two drunkards, where he sees a potential within Kiryu to be an excellent fighter. He later becomes Kiryu's trainer for the Brawler style.

Appearance Edit

He wears a longcoat over a pinstriped suit with matching suit pants, black dress shoes, a brown scarf and a dark gray fedora.

Personality Edit

His proficiency at training shows up when he puts Kiryu under his wings, turning Kiryu into a considerable fighter using the Brawler style. He considers Kiryu as one of his most precious students.

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Quotes Edit

"HEY, BOY" - Bacchus, nearly every time you talk to him. "OH,BOY"-Bacchus, when you try to train with him while underleveled