"This is end the line for you,Kazuma Kiryu!"
Andre Richardson is the leader of Black Monday, acting as a double agent within the CIA.

Yakuza 3 Edit

Daigo Dojima, the sixth Chairman of the Tojo Clan was in his office when he met the man who seemed to have died years ago, Shintaro Kazama, Patriarch of Tojo Clan's Kazama Family and with a CIA agent. At that point, the supposed Kazama was telling Daigo about a resort deal in Okinawa, which Daigo refused to agree because an orphanage named Asagao sits on the land where the resort was supposed to be built, and that it was run by Kazuma Kiryu, the Fourth Chairman of Tojo Clan. Afterwards, Kazama decided to pull out something which Daigo thinks a gun, but Daigo himself got shot instead.

Some time later, a mysterious CIA agent and other agents found Kiryu and was trying to kill him but failed. It was revealed that the agent's name was Joji Kazama, the late Shintaro Kazama's younger brother and that Daigo was shot by someone named Andre Richardson.

Later on the game, at Toto Hospital, Kiryu crossed paths with Andre, and two fights ensue, both are won by Kiryu. At this point, it was revealed that he leads a group called Black Monday, which consists of arms dealers looking to take advantage of the deal by proposing a military base near the resort and that he conspired with Mine during the events of the game.

A fight ensues at the hospital's roof between Kiryu and Mine, which resulted in Mine's loss. Disappointed at Mine's defeat, Andre was going to kill both Kiryu and Daigo, but was prevented by Daigo (who just recently became conscious) and Mine himself.

Appearance Edit

Anderson appears as a bulky man, with longish blond/brown hair. He wears dark sunglasses and a grey suit with a red tie underneath a black trenchcoat. In addition, he appears to wear a couple of black, leather gloves (probably to hide his fingerprints). His voice seems to have a deep tone.

Personality Edit

Fighting Style Edit

Because of his status as a CIA agent, he acquired some knowledge and training in martial arts, evidenced by his spinning kicks, flying kicks and precise strikes. Unfortunately, his prowess seems to be somewhat short, for his strikes are very slow and easy to dodge and counter. Despite this, he's a proficient marksman, armed with dual pistols and a shotgun. While dual wielding his pistols, he can unleash a barrage of bullets in one direction that can seriously harm any unaware player. His shots can be very damaging unless constantly moving. From time to time, he will also pull out a shotgun and will try to blast the player with several shots. This can be countered using a heat move, forcing him to go back to his pistols. He seems to fight in a very similar way to Kazuto Arase, having similar athletic moves while dual wielding guns.