"This is end the line for you,Kazuma Kiryu!"

Andre Richardson is the leader of Black Monday, acting as a double agent within the CIA, under Fuma and shot Daigo and Rydedo in Yakuza 3. It was he who was behind the Wall Street crash of 1987.

He is voiced by Charles Glover. Daigo Dojima,the sixth Chairmen of the Tojo Clan was in his office when he met the man who died years ago,Shintaro Kazama,Patriarch of Tojo Clan's Kazama Family and with a CIA Agent.Shintaro was telling Daigo about The Resort Deal in Okiwana and Daigo was refusing to do it because there was orphanage there called Sunshine it was Kiryu Kazuma,The Dragon of Dojima and the Fourth Chairmen of Tojo Clan.Then Shintaro was going pull out something Daigo thought it was gun so he pulled out his gun but was too late and was shot.This also happened to Nakahara.Then The CIA Agent and other agents founded Kiryu and was trying to kill him but failed.Then The one who looked like Shintaro was Joji Kazuma,Shintaro's twin brother and told Kiryu that it was his comrade The CIA agent that shot both Daigo and Nakahara and Joji was looking for man named Andre Richardson,Leader of group called The Black Monday.Then at Toko Hospital was the CIA Agent who was stopping Kiryu to reach roof to find Daigo and Yoshitaka Mine,Patriarch of Hakuho Clan.He lost to him twice.Then CIA agent and others was actually Black Monday and CIA agent was Andre Richardson.Andre was disappointed in Mine's defeat and was going to kill them both but Daigo was up from coma and shoot Andre and his men.But Andre was still alive and was going to shoot Kiryu and Daigo but was killed by Mine who sacrificed himself to save them both.

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