The Alley Vendors are two foreign men selling drinks in Little Asia.

Yakuza 4Edit

First available after Tanimura gains access to Little Asia. Their locations are not marked on the map.

South VendorEdit

Located in the alley after entering the Little Asia South Entrance and exiting the kitchen.

Item Cost
Staminan X 800
Staminan XX 2200
Staminan Royale 7800

North VendorEdit

Located slightly southeast of Homeland.

Item Cost
Tauriner 200
Tauriner + 700
Sake 600


Like Don Quijote, the alley vendors' prices are cheaper than normal.

Item Vendor Price Normal Price Savings
Staminan X 800 1000 200
Staminan XX 2200 3000 800
Staminan Royale 7800 10000 2200
Tauriner 200 300 100
Tauriner + 700 900 200
Sake 600 1100 500

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